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Sample Report

What is the MAB-II?

The Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II (MAB-II) is a world-class clinical and counselling assessment that measures aptitude and intelligence. It evaluates 10 distinct areas of intelligence with scores grouped into two broad categories: verbal and performance. This evidence-based assessment is commonly used in both clinical settings and in selection contexts. In particular, the MAB-II is valuable in assessing and distinguishing between selection candidates for high-stake positions in business, military, and law-enforcement settings.

Who Should Use the MAB-II?

  • Psychologists looking for a thorough measure of general cognitive ability or intelligence (IQ)
  • Qualified individuals looking to assess cognitive ability and aptitudes for employment purposes
  • Research into intelligence and its relation to other psychological constructs, job performance, and learning; neuropsychological assessment and research
  • Software and online administration with various, immediate report options

Why Should I Use the MAB-II?

COMPREHENSIVE REPORTS. There are three different reports available for the MAB-II depending on your needs: Basic report, Extended report, and Clinical report. Each report provides the raw scores, standardized scores, age-corrected scales, and IQ scores for the Verbal, Performance, and Full-Scale Batteries. Additional descriptions are provided with the Extended report. The Clinical report contains additional interpretative information, as well as a graph of subtest patterns and Verbal/Performance differences.

CONVENIENT. The time limit for each subtest is seven minutes. Any combination of subtests can easily be administered in one sitting. Results are available immediately with SigmaSoft for Windows Software, and online at

RELIABLE AND VALID. Test-retest reliabilities on separately timed test administrations obtained values for total scores of .95 for Verbal, .96 for Performance, and .97 for the Full Scale total scores. The MAB-II Full Scale correlation with one widely used IQ measure is .91. The MAB-II manual contains scale descriptions, perspectives on intelligence theory and research, and information on the psychometric properties of this intelligence and aptitude test.


An overview of startup costs for each MAB-II administration method is provided below.

MAB-II Startup Costs
US PricingCanadian Pricing
Online Scoring
Includes: account set up, MAB-II Technical Manual, 2 MAB-II test administrations and report, and technical support
$ 70$ 90
Software Scoring
Includes: SigmaSoft Software, 10 coupons, Technical Manual, and Software Manual
$ 233$ 262
Mail-in Scoring
Includes: Technical Manual, MAB-II Verbal Booklet, MAB-II Performance Booklet, MAB-II Verbal Answer Sheet, MAB-II Performance Answer Sheet, and Extended coupon
$ 152$ 175
Hand Scoring
Includes: Technical Manual, MAB-II Verbal Booklet, MAB-II Performance Booklet, MAB-II Verbal Answer Sheet, MAB-II Performance Answer Sheet, MAB-II Record Form, and MAB-II Template
$ 152$ 175
MAB-II Per Test Cost
US PricingCanadian Pricing
Online Scoring$ 35$ 45

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Ready to Administer the MAB-II?

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