The Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II (MAB-II) is a clinical and counselling assessment that measures aptitude and intelligence. After completing the MAB-II, test takers will receive a user-friendly report showcasing their scores. As with all psychological test results, these findings should be professionally interpreted in light of other information about the individual. It should be recognized that, although intellectual abilities have been shown to predict many aspects of behavior, other characteristics of the individual, including social skills, personality, motivation, and interests will have a bearing on a person’s effectiveness. Questions regarding these results should be referred to the supervising examiner.

Screenshot of the first page of the MAB-II sample report.

MAB-II Report Contents

  • Page 2 – Profile of Scores
  • Page 3 – Verbal Scale Descriptions
  • Page 4 – Performance Scale Descriptions
  • Page 5 – Professional File Summary
MAB-II Profile of Scores.

The Raw Score for each test indicates the number of questions that the respondent answered correctly. The first set of Scaled Scores (SS) are not age-based and are used to calculate Verbal, Performance and Full Scale IQ scores. The Age-Corrected Scaled Scores (SS) and the associated bar graph compare the respondent’s results with those of people in the same age group.

MAB-II Verbal Scale Descriptions.

This page of the MAB-II sample report provides definitions for all of the verbal scales, including:

  • Information
  • Comprehension
  • Arithmetic
  • Similarities
  • Vocabulary
MAB-II Performance Scale Descriptions.

This page of the MAB-II sample report provides definitions for all of the performance scales, including:

  • Digit Symbol
  • Picture Completion
  • Spatial
  • Picture Arrangement
  • Object Assembly
MAB-II Professional File Summary.

This page provides test takers with a summary of all of their MAB-II scores.

Ready to Administer the MAB-II?

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