Carlson Psychological Survey




15 minutes

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Sample Report:
Sample Report

Best For

  • Counselors looking to assess offenders or those involved in the criminal justice system or requiring other forms of social assistance
  • Correctional settings requiring forensic evaluations in preparation for trial or incarceration
  • Psychologists looking for a brief screening test measuring antisocial tendencies, substance abuse, self-depreciation, and thought disturbance
  • Software administration with concise report including recommendations

What is the CPS?

The Carlson Psychological Survey (CPS) is an instrument for the assessment and classification of criminal offenders, persons charged with crimes, and others who have come to the attention of the criminal justice system or require other forms of social assistance. The CPS was designed to reflect the unique situations of these individuals as well as the atypical reasons for referral. More generally, it is quite useful with any persons presenting behavioral or substance abuse problems.

Why Should I Use the CPS?

COMPREHENSIVE REPORT. Results of the CPS are presented using graphs, numbers, scale descriptions, and critical items that have been endorsed.

CLASSIFICATION. The CPS provides information for classifying respondents. Using modern multivariate statistical techniques, the author of this test has identified 18 offender types. Each type is described in detail in the technical manual. Included are descriptive summaries, presentence reports, sample case histories and psychological and psychiatric reports, as well as data regarding institutional behavior and four-year post-release adjustment.

CONVENIENT. The CPS takes 15 minutes to complete. Results are available immediately with SIGMA’s Windows Software.

RELIABLE. The internal consistencies (coefficient alpha) for the four content scales ranged from .67 to .82, derived from two samples, each of 206 male inmates. Test-retest reliabilities over two weeks ranged from .87 to .92, and in a sample of recidivists after eight years the coefficients ranged from .10 to .43.

VALID. The manual presents data from several studies related to the validity of the CPS. Item desirability ratings, faking studies, correlations with the MMPI, use of the CPS with other populations, and the sensitivity of the CPS to treatment effects and differences among various inmate groups are all reported.

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An overview of startup costs for each administration method is provided below. A detailed pricing list can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the page.

CPS Startup Costs
US PricingCanadian Pricing
Software Scoring
Includes: SigmaSoft Software, 10 coupons, Technical Manual, and Software Manual
$ 233$ 262
Mail-in Scoring
Includes: Technical Manual and 10 CPS Extended Reports
$ 155$ 181
Hand Scoring
Includes: Technical Manual, 1 CPS Question/Answer Booklet, 1 CPS Scoring Sheet, and 1 CPS Profile Sheet
$ 75$ 97

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