Coolidge Assessment Battery




40 minutes

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Sample Report:
Sample Report

Best For

  • Psychologists looking to assess and diagnose clinical syndromes and personality disorders
  • Psychologists and researchers interested in measuring neuropsychological functioning
  • Software administration with detailed report including recommendations for therapy and diagnoses

What is the CAB?

The Coolidge Assessment Battery (CAB) contains 225 items and is answered on a four-point Likert scale ranging from Strongly False to Strongly True. The CAB was designed by a clinical neuropsychologist and was developed to assess clinical syndromes on Axis I of the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), evaluate neuropsychological functioning, and assess personality disorders according to the strict criteria for personality disorders on Axis II of the DSM.

Why Should I Use the CAB?

COMPREHENSIVE REPORT. Although the CAB only takes 40 minutes to complete, the report is comprehensive and contains interpretive information for a number of clinical, personality, and validity scales.

CONVENIENT. The CAB takes 40 minutes to complete. Results are available immediately with SIGMA’s Windows Software.

RELIABLE AND VALID. Several empirical investigations on the reliability and validity of the CAB are presented in the technical manual. These studies have consistently found that the CAB scales demonstrate strong psychometric properties. For example, the personality disorder scales from Axis II have a mean test-retest reliability of .90 during a one-week interval. Internal consistency reliabilities are also strong (.83 for the Neuropsychological Dysfunction Scale, and .89 for both the Depression and Anxiety Scales is .89). Estimates of concurrent validity have also been computed. For example, the CAB Anxiety scale shows concurrent validity of .83 with Spielberger’s Trait Anxiety score. Finally, evidence of convergent and discriminant validity is presented in the technical manual. For example, the Neuropsychological Dysfunction Scale of the CAB resulted in 88% correct identification on closed head injured patients and 82% correct identification for a matched control group. The CAB norms are based on a sample of over 900 individuals ranging from 16 to 78 years of age.

INFORMATIVE. The CAB manual contains four case studies providing scenarios of typical uses of the CAB for diagnostic and treatment purposes. The case studies can be used to help understand the instrument’s properties and potential.

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