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Reliable and valid instruments for clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, research and evaluation.

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"My clients always pay for their PRF assessment with a big smile after they get their results... A very useful instrument."
Dr. Paul Schmidt, Louisville, KY

Clinical/Counseling Assessments

Whatever your area of practice, SIGMA provides a wide range of tools for psychologists and counselors in a variety of settings. We offer reliable and valid instruments for use in screening, clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, and research and evaluation. Click on a link below for more information about a specific test.

Aptitude Batteries

Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II (MAB-II)

The MAB-II is a world-class assessment of aptitude and intelligence. It is composed of 10 subtests, and yields a profile of Verbal IQ, Performance IQ and Full Scale IQ. It may be administered to individuals, or in groups. The MAB-II is a highly reliable and valid cognitive ability assessment that shows significant correlations with other well-known IQ measures.

Personnel Assessment Form (PAF)

Research indicates that cognitive ability is the single greatest predictor of success for virtually every job. The PAF is a convenient, impartial measure of general mental ability and intelligence.

General Clinical Measures

Basic Personality Inventory (BPI)

The BPI is a multiphasic personality inventory intended for use with both clinical and normal populations to identify sources of maladjustment and personal strengths.

Carlson Psychological Survey (CPS)

The CPS was designed to assess and classify individuals who have come to the attention of the criminal justice or social welfare system.

Coolidge Assessment Battery (CAB)

The CAB was designed to assess: (1) clinical syndromes on Axis 1 of the DSM, (2) personality disorders according to strict criteria on Axis II of the DSM, and (3) neuropsychological functioning.

Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology - Basic Questionnaire (DAPP-BQ)

The DAPP-BQ is a revolutionary clinical measure supported by over 15 years of empirical research. It was designed to assess and help treat personality disorders along the full continuum - from mild to extreme trait manifestations.

Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI)

The PAI provides information relevant for clinical diagnosis, treatment planning and screening for psychopathology. The PAI covers constructs most relevant to a broad-based assessment of mental disorders.

Psychological Screening Inventory-2 (PSI-2)

The PSI is a brief mental health screening device ideal for situations where professional time and labor may be at a premium. It is easy to administer and interpret and is appropriate for adolescents and adults. The PSI-2 identifies people who might benefit from more extensive examination and professional attention.

Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale-2 (RADS-2)

The RADS-2 is an ideal tool to screen for adolescents with significant depressive symptoms within school assessment programs or individual practice settings.

State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 (STAXI-2)

This 57-item inventory measures the intensity of anger as an emotional state (State Anger) and the disposition to experience angry feelings as a personality trait (Trait Anger). The instrument consists of six scales measuring the intensity of anger and the disposition to experience angry feelings.

Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale (SRES)

The SRES was designed to measure attitudes toward the equality of men and women. It contains 95 attitudinal statements that assess gender-based stereotyping by requiring the respondent to make judgements about men and women assuming nontraditional roles.

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