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Hand Scoring

Our hand scorable assessments are quick and easy to score, a simple solution to waiting for reports to be mailed back. Many of our assessments are available to be scored by hand. The materials needed to hand score include: manual, test booklet, answer sheet, profile sheet, and template; however, materials do vary from test to test.

Hand Scoring User's Guide

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of hand scoring:

  • Ensure you have all the materials required to administer and score the assessment properly.
  • Read the instructions to the respondent or ensure the respondent reads them prior to starting the assessment.
  • Ensure that the respondent has completed all the answers. Answer sheets with too many errors cannot be scored accurately.
  • Make sure that the correct sex is filled out in the allotted space if you are using gender specific norms.
  • Read the scoring instructions that are found in the test manual.
  • Know the test items in case the respondent has questions.

Hand Scoring Tests

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