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Internet Scoring

SIGMA Assessment Systems is proud to have been a pioneer in the field of Internet testing. Most of our instruments are available on our main testing site, SigmaTesting.Com. Use SIGMASELECT.COM and the ESQ2 to help you make the solid hiring decisions. Our 360 degree feedback site, SigmaRadius.Com, makes it easy for your organization to deploy a leadership feedback program. Career counselors will find valuable career resources at JVIS.Com.

SigmaSelect.Com: ESQ2

SIGMASELECT.COM is a powerful and intuitive web platform that will simplify your hiring process and help you and your organization hire better, hire faster, and hire for less. Easily view resume information, SIGMA test scores, and responses to your company's application questions. Then, with a few mouse clicks you can score applicants' data and rank them using our SIGMASELECTOR Hiring Recommendation. Our highly affordable subscription options make budget planning painless and predictable.

SigmaTesting.Com: General Testing

Most of SIGMA's assessment instruments are available on SigmaTesting.Com, our general online testing site. A SigmaTesting.Com account allows you to purchase test uses online, email test-taking instructions to your clients, monitor their progress, and then generate a PDF report when they are done. To learn more, you can take SigmaTesting.Com for a quick test drive before applying for your own account.

SigmaRadius.Com: 360° Feedback

SigmaRadius.Com simplifies the process of conducting 360 degree feedback. Instructions are emailed to all the participants, who can complete their feedback from any browser. Automated reminders help bring the feedback process to a conclusion, and the detailed PDF report is easy to distribute. Click here to apply for your SigmaRadius account.

JVIS.Com: Career Planning

Build around the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey, JVIS.Com offers a wealth of career resources. JVIS.Com allows students and adult career seekers to take the JVIS and explore the detailed online report at their own speed, while still allowing the counselor to monitor progress and remain involved in the career planning process. Additional resources, like the career and university guide, supplement the detailed online report. Click here to apply for your JVIS.Com counselor account.

Online Tests

Online testing at SigmaSelect.Com
Online testing at SigmaTesting.Com
Online 360 at SigmaRADIUS.Com
Career planning at JVIS.Com

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