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JPI-R Summary

Age: 16+
Time: 45 minutes
Uses: counseling, clinical, educational, business, industrial, government
Test User Qualifications:
  Level B qualifications required
  Hand scoring available Internet scoring available Mail scoring available Software scoring available
  Available in English Available in French


Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised

Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D. © 1975, 1994

Personality can determine important characteristics like dependability, self-discipline, leadership, and the ability to make a good impression on others. The Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised (JPI-R) is widely considered to be one of the most psychometrically sound measures of personality. In one convenient form, the JPI-R provides a measure of personality that reflects a variety of social, cognitive, and value orientations, which affect an individual’s functioning.


  • Assessment of normal adult personality.
  • Useful for personnel selection and in counseling settings.
  • Research requiring a broad coverage of personality dimensions.


Updates and Revisions

Updates to the original JPI include:

  • Broader-based norms, including updated college norms, and entirely new norms for blue and white-collar workers.
  • Removal of the Infrequency scale to facilitate use for employment screening.
  • New and modified items on the Traditional Values scale to increase the relevance of items for predicting work-related criteria.
  • Scale reorganization in terms of five higher-order dimensions: Analytical, Extroverted, Emotional, Opportunistic, and Dependable.
  • Compilation of new research findings.

Elaborate Test Construction

A large item pool and two separate item analyses have helped create a superior test that is highly reliable and sensitive to response biases. In particular, the items selected correlate minimally with desirability--the tendency to answer in a way that "sounds good", rather than answering honestly. The JPI-R also has special features that help detect random, or non-purposeful responding.

The first item analysis was designed to maximize content saturation, scale reliabilities, and item variance, as well as suppressing desirability bias. The second analysis concentrated on minimizing interscale redundancy. In many situations, it is important to identify people who have not conscientiously responded to the JPI-R, so these responses can be removed from the sample. The Response Consistency Index measures patterns of responses to detect random or unusual responding.

JPI-R Scales

the JPI-R's 15 scales are as follows, organized in terms of five higher-order clusters:

1. Analytical
Breadth of Interest
2. Extroverted
Social Confidence
Energy Level
3. Emotional
4. Opportunistic
Social Astuteness
Risk Taking
5. Dependable
Traditional Values


Norms include the responses of 1107 individuals (367 males and 740 females) drawn from educational institutions in North America. A second set of norms is based on the responses of 893 (629 male and 264 female) blue-collar workers. A third set of norms is derived form the responses of 555 senior executives. These sets of norms are representative of scale scores from three relatively large and unique segments of the population.


In two studies, median internal consistency reliabilities (Bentler's Theta) were .90 and .93. Item-total correlations indicate that items correlate higher on average with their own scale's total score than they do with the total score on any of the other 14 scales.


Several studies provide evidence of JPI-R's validity and usefulness in a very wide variety of settings. Data in JPI-R validity included analyses of two multitrait-multimethod matrices employing adjective checklist, self-rating, and peer ratings. Hundreds of correlations of JPI scales with a variety of criteria, ranging from occupational preferences to relationships with dimensions of executive performance also provide support. In addition, correlations between the JPI-R and several well-known measures of personality provide evidence of convergent and discriminant validity.

Hand Scoring

Materials required for hand scoring include a manual (CD ONLY), one reusable test booklet, one quick score answer sheet and one profile sheets per respondent.

French Edition Reusable JPI-R test booklets are available in French. Simply specify when ordering.

Mail-in Scoring

The JPI-R Basic Report consists of a profile of the 15 JPI-R scale scores, descriptions of high and low scorers for each scale, a profile of the 5 JPI-R cluster scores, administrative indices and a table of raw responses. Materials required for mail-in scoring include the manual, and for each respondent, one reusable test booklet, one machine readable answer sheet, and one scoring coupon.


Our SigmaSoft JPI-R for Window software offers the convenience of administering and scoring the JPI-R directly on your computer. This software also makes it easy to input answers or scale scores from paper and pencil administrations and can import data scanned from special forms using an optical mark reader. The JPI-R for Windows software produces two types of report. The Basic Report is similar to that available from our Mail-in Scoring service. The Data Report contains the scores found in the Basic Report in a format designed for use by other programs. In addition to the software itself, you will need to purchase enough coupons to pay for each report you wish to produce.

Report Type Coupons Required
Basic 4
Data 2


The Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised can also be completed at SigmaTesting.Com, our exciting online testing platform that allows you instant local and remote testing and administrative access to a full range of tests and test results.


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the JPI-R is available on SigmaTesting.Com, our comprehensive online testing platform.

JPI-R Manual

The JPI-R manual includes: college norms entirely new norms for blue and white collar workers, tests organized in five higher-order dimensions, facilitates use for employment screening, compilation of new research findings, scale-by-scale item lists for accurate interpretation, glossary of technical terms.

JPI-R Examination Kit

Kit includes manual (CD-ROM ONLY), 5 reusable test booklets, 5 quick score answer sheets, 5 profile sheets and an online password.

Item No. 3201 ... $97.00
JPI-R Test Manual (CD-ROM ONLY)
Item No. 3202 ... $25.00


Research References

Research articles about the JPI-R

Sample Report

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Slide Presentation

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