Does Your Team Have a Communication Problem?

Communication is often cited as critically important for team success. When severely lacking, the signs of poor communication can be obvious – but how do you know if your team is headed down the wrong path? We’ve created a quick quiz to help you identify if your team may be experiencing a breakdown in communication.


Count the number of questions you answered Yes to. If you agreed with 3 or more of these statements, your team may be experiencing some communication problems.

Take a moment to reflect on the kinds of statements you answered Yes to. Do they tend to be in response to questions about Task Completion, Team Member Relationships, or both? Issues related to task completion can be a sign of poor organization or project mismanagement. Check out our Leadership Series on Facilitating Teamwork for some strategies on how to more effectively promote teamwork and cooperation.

Did you answer Yes to more questions related to team member relationships? If so, it may be the case that your team needs to make an effort to engage in more Mindful Communication, allowing them to have open and honest conversations about the problems they’re experiencing.

How SIGMA Can Help

At SIGMA, we offer a number of diverse solutions to enhance leadership capabilities and assist organizations in crafting more meaningful and productive processes. To learn more about how mindfulness training could help your team to communicate more effectively, contact us today.