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NEO-FFI-3 Summary

Age: 12+
Time: 15 minutes
Uses: counseling, clinical, educational, business, industrial, government
Test User Qualifications:
  Level B qualifications required
  Hand scoring available
  Available in English


NEO Five-Factor Inventory-3

Paul T. Costa, Jr., Ph.D. & Robert R. McCrae, Ph.D. © 1989, 1992, 2010

The NEO Five-Factor Inventory-3 (NEO-FFI-3), is the updated version of the NEO-FFI - a 60-item version of the NEO-PI-3. It provides a quick, reliable, and accurate measure of the five domains of personality and is particularly useful when time is limited and when global information on personality is needed.


  • In counseling and clinical settings with adults as well as senior high school and college students.
  • In business and industrial settings.
  • Psychological research, including studies in sport psychology and recreation.


  • Items have been revised to be easier to read and appropriate for younger respondents or adults with lower educational levels.
  • Separate adolescent (12-20) and adult norms are available.
  • Revised Professional Manual.


The NEO-FFI-3 is comprised of 60 items taken directly from the NEO-PI-3. Fifteen items have been replaced to improve readability and psychometric properties. This revision combined with new norms makes the test appropriate for respondents 12 years and older.

The NEO-FFI-3 can help you understand your client's basic emotional, interpersonal, experiential, attitudinal, and motivational styles. It can also help you quickly develop rapport with your client, provide meaningful feedback and insight that will help your client develop a greater self-understanding, enable you to anticipate the course of therapy, and help you select the optimal treatment based on your client's personality.

The five domains (factors) measured by the NEO-FFI-3 provide a general description of personality. They include:

  • Neuroticism
  • Extraversion
  • Openness to Experience
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness

Hand Scoring

Materials required for hand scoring include a NEO Inventories manual, one Form-S reusable test booklet, and one feedback sheet per respondent.


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NEO-FFI Materials

The NEO Inventories manual provides information on test development and use, as well as validation data and norms for male and female adults.

NEO-FFI-3 Examination Kit

Kit includes manual, 25 Form-S test booklets, and 25 feedback sheets.

Item No. 4701-3 ... $176.00


Research References

Research articles about the NEO-PI-3.

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