The NEO-PI-3 Business Report is intended to provide information on five basic dimensions of personality and their corresponding facets. The report is based on research using normal samples and is intended to provide information on the basic dimensions of personality. The results presented in this report should be integrated with all other sources of information before reaching any professional decisions about this individual. Decisions should never be based solely on the information contained in this report. This report is confidential and intended for use by qualified professionals only; it should not be released to the individual being evaluated.

Screenshot of the first page of the NEO-PI-3 Business Sample Report.

NEO-PI-3 Business Report Contents

  • Page 2 – NEO-PI-3 Scale Scores
  • Page 3 – Factor Scale Descriptions
  • Pages 4-7 – Facet Scale Descriptions
NEO-PI-3 Scale Scores.

This page presents T scores and percentile scores for each factor scale. This information is also provided for each facet scale, in addition to the raw score. The remaining pages of the report provide scale descriptions, item responses, and administrative indices. 

NEO-PI-3 Factor Scale Descriptions.

This page of the report provides factor scale descriptions of both high and low scores for neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness and conscientiousness.  

NEO-PI-3 Facet Scale Descriptions.

This section of the NEO-PI-3 Business Report provides facet scale descriptions for the following:

  • Neuroticism Facets: anxiety, angry hostility, depression, self-consciousness, impulsiveness, and vulnerability.
  • Extraversion Facets: warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity, excitement-seeking, and positive emotions.
  • Openness to Experience Facets: fantasy, aesthetics, feelings, actions, ideas, and values.
  • Agreeableness Facets: trust, straightforwardness, altruism, compliance, modesty, and tender-mindedness.
  • Conscientious Facets: competence, order, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline, and deliberation.

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