Sample Succession Planning Template

Your SVP just quit.  Do you have someone ready to take her place?

Complete our Succession Planning Template to always know who’s next..



Using a simple Succession Planning Template like the one below will give you a quick view of your leadership pipeline and help you plan for future needs.

To create your Succession Planning Template:

  • Identify the most critical positions in your company
    • Don’t simply assume that these are your most senior roles. Who would have the biggest negative impact if they quit tomorrow?
  • Determine the potential for those positions becoming vacant
    • While the most obvious (and most predictable) cause for vacancies would be retirement, consider other risks (disengaged employee, competitive job market, etc) that might create an unexpected vacancy
  • List who will be ready to take over:
    • right away
    • in 1-3 years
    • in the next 5 years


Click HERE for a Blank PDF of the Succession Planning Template.


Some things to note from this exercise:

  1. If there are clear gaps where someone is retiring in the next year and no one is ready now or ready in the next 1-3 years, it’s time to explore developing your existing leaders for this position or look for a new hire.
  2. If there are leaders that are ready for a position now, and a position is not currently available and may not be available for some time. It is important to keep leaders engaged. Be sure that these leaders do not tire of waiting. Identify other positions that could benefit this leader to encourage engagement and career movement. The last thing you want is a leader moving onto another organization because he or she is not growing at your organization.

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