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Sample Report

What is the MEIA-R?

The Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment – Revised (MEIA-R) is a personality test that is designed to measure EI. Emotional intelligence allows individuals to perceive, understand, regulate, and express emotions. The Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment – Revised consists of 84 items that assess 11 distinct facets of emotional intelligence. The MEIA-R can be used to understand emotions, develop self-awareness, build critical people skills, assist with guidance and career counseling, and conduct research in a wide variety of settings.

Who Should Use the MEIA-R?

  • Qualified professionals looking to assist clients with enhancing self-awareness and understanding of their trait emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Career counselors looking to leverage EI as a basis for discussions about career and educational opportunities
  • Psychologists seeking a brief, comprehensive, personality-based measure of EI
  • Researchers investigating trait-based emotional intelligence
  • Those seeking a convenient online administration with an easy to interpret report that highlights how key components of EI affect an individual’s well-being and interpersonal relationships

Why Should I Use the MEIA-R?

Distinct. The MEIA-R is the only trait-based, self-report measure of EI that captures each facet defined by Salovey and Mayer’s (1990) influential model of EI.

Convenient. This emotional intelligence assessment can be administered in approximately 15 minutes on SIGMA’s online platform – Reports are generated immediately. Results are presented using multiple formats, including graphs, percentiles, and scale descriptions, that are insightful and easy to understand.

Superior Development. The MEIA-R was developed to overcome critical shortcomings found in many popular emotional intelligence tests. Items were carefully developed, selected, and refined to minimize the influence of response bias that can significantly undermine the validity of test results. Unlike other popular measures, the MEIA-R was designed to reduce the effects of: a) social desirability response bias (tendency to present oneself in a favorable light) and b) acquiescence response bias (tendency to positively endorse items even if not descriptive of the self).

Reliable and Valid. The MEIA-R is a reliable and valid measure of EI. Experienced consultants have developed a comprehensive pool of EI items to accurately and thoroughly capture the theoretical construct underlying each MEIA-R dimension.

How Does the MEIA-R Differ from the Original MEIA?

Broader coverage of the EI domain. We’ve added a Delayed Gratification scale, recognizing that focused attention and effort on longer term goals, versus the pursuit of opportunities that provide short-term rewards, is critical for goal attainment.

Shorter administration time. The MEIA-R consists of fewer items, while remaining as reliable, valid, and trustworthy as the original MEIA. The MEIA-R can be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

Updated content. Based on several rigorous studies we’ve updated the item content to be more clear and relevant to individuals’ life experiences. Scale names and definitions have also been updated to more closely reflect their impact on relevant behaviors.

What is the MEIA-R Report?

The MEIA-R Report provides:

  • Insight regarding the nature and composition of EI and its impact on personal well-being and interpersonal relationships
  • An overall snapshot of results on each of the 11 dimensions measured by the MEIA-R
  • Enhanced understanding of scores on each dimension based on classification into Enhance, Develop, or Refine performance categories
  • A comprehensive summary table that provides an overview of the MEIA-R structure, along with descriptions of each EI dimension, how it may impact wellbeing and interpersonal relationships, and examples of underutilization and overutilization of each dimension


Available for online administration and scoring.

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Ready to Measure Your Emotional Intelligence?

Purchasing the MEIA-R is quick and easy. The first step is to complete an application form to gain approval for an online account. Once approved, you will receive an email with your login information. At that point, you can log in, purchase tests, and begin testing.

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