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OSI-R Summary

Age: 18+
Time: 30 minutes
Uses: counseling, clinical, business, industrial, government
Test User Qualifications:
  Level B qualifications required
  Internet scoring available
  Available in English


Occupational Stress Inventory-Revised

Samuel H. Osipow, Ph.D. & Arnold R. Spokane, Ph.D.
© 1981, 1998

The Occupational Stress Inventory-Revised (OSI-R) is a concise measure of three domains of occupational adjustment: occupational stress, psychological strain, and coping resources. The original research edition of the OSI was designed to (a) develop an integrated theoretical model to link these three important dimensions, and (b) develop generic occupational stress measures that would apply across different occupational levels and environments.


  • Employee selection and placement.
  • Work attitudes, turnover, and absenteeism.
  • Work-related stress.
  • Behavioral correlates of coronary diseases.
  • Managerial counseling and development.


The OSI-R is a battery composed of three questionnaires which measure occupational stress, psychological strain and coping resources. The instrument yields scores on 14 different scales ranging from "Role Overload" and "Interpersonal Strain" to "Self-Care". The OSI-R is comprised of 140 items in total, written at a seventh grade reading level. Respondents indicate on a 5-point rating scale the frequency of a stress-related event. Total administration time for the OSI-R is 30 minutes. The OSI-R was normed on more than 900 adults in 130 different occupations.

Reliability and Validity

The revised version of the OSI-R manual and several research studies provide strong support for the reliability and validity of this carefully constructed assessment.


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OSI-R Test Manual
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Sample Report

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