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LSP Summary

Age: 18+
Time: 40 minutes
Uses: selection, development, succession planning, coaching, counseling, training
Test User Qualifications:

Level B qualifications required

  Internet scoring available
  Available in English


Leadership Skills Profile

Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D. © 2000


  • A pre-hire assessment for selection and placement of leadership applicants and high potentials.
  • An aid for succession planning, and for determining promotability of managers and executives.
  • A foundation for managerial and executive development and coaching.


The Leadership Skills Profile (LSP) has been enhanced to provide a flexible, customizable leadership solution designed to help identify and develop the "best leaders", with "best" being defined by your organization and its unique requirements. It is also ideal for succession planning. The LSP leadership model predicts 42 competencies critical to effective leadership, and includes insightful narrative text discussing the implications of one's personality to their job performance. The LSP is comprised of the following complementary products:

These assessments are closely aligned with the powerful and convenient SigmaRadius 360 degree feedback tool.

LSP Products

LSP Selection Report (LSP-SR)

The LSP-SR is a cutting-edge assessment for identifying and selecting top leadership talent. It predicts performance on 42 leadership dimensions and explains, in detail, how the respondent's personality will affect his or her leadership effectiveness. It also highlights any "red flags" for further follow-up. The LSP-SR can be produced in a standard format, or it can reflect the specific requirements of a particular job by using established benchmarks.

LSP Development Report (LSP-DR)

The LSP Development Report leverages decades of research on the relation between personality and leadership performance to provide an advanced leadership development solution. This comprehensive report provides the tools and techniques that empower leaders to realize their full potential. Major components include 1) a Snapshot of the respondent's Personal Strengths and Development Opportunities on the LSP's 42 dimensions of leadership, 2) a Personal Development Workbook, and 3) detailed Development Feedback that provides concrete strategies for improving one's leadership effectiveness.

LSP Selection + Development (LSP-S+D)

The LSP-SR and LSP-DR when used in tandem, deliver a powerful, complementary leadership solution. Furthermore, when benchmarks are in place, the reports allow you to select and develop leaders against a common set of requirements specific to a given position.

LSP Enhancements

Consistent with SIGMA's ongoing commitment to quality and value, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements to the LSP:

  • The LSP is now Customizable
    SIGMA puts you in the driver's seat and delivers a tailored solution that allows you to align the LSP with your specific organizational requirements. To learn more about this process, click here.
  • Optimized Narrative Report
    The narrative text delivered in the LSP has been refined and the scoring optimized to enhance its predictive ability.
  • Integrated Leadership Solution
    The 42 performance dimensions predicted by the LSP Development and Selection reports provide a robust model of leadership. These flexible tools can increase the effectiveness of your succession planning and talent management systems. They have the added advantage of being readily aligned with our 360 degree feedback instrument: the SigmaRadius.


The development of the LSP began with the careful selection of items from three robust and respected standardized personality measures: the Personality Research Form (PRF), the Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised (JPI-R), and the Survey of Work Styles (SWS). The LSP questions (or "items") were selected from a pool of over 4500 using the most advanced quantitative techniques available.

Reliability and Validity

The PRF, JPI-R, and SWS, the measures upon which the LSP is based, have consistently displayed solid evidence of convergent and discriminant validity with self and peer ratings, as well as with numerous other measures. The research literature in psychology contains approximately 2000 articles citing one or more of these measures. Moreover, all measures show meaningful correlations with executive performance. Reliability estimates of each measure’s scales are reported in detail in the respective manuals.


The LSP is available on SigmaTesting.Com, our comprehensive online testing platform.

LSP Manual

The construction of the LSP report is based on data drawn from executives employed in more than 62 organizations.


Case Study

Discover how SIGMA can help your organization fill the leadership pipeline with top talent.

LSP-SR Sample Report - Standard

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LSP-SR Sample Report - Customized

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LSP-DR Sample Report - Standard

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LSP-DR Sample Report - Customized

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