Employee Screening Questionnaire-2 Interview Guide

What is the ESQ2 Interview Guide?

The ESQ2 Interview Guide provides a series of employment interview questions that were developed to guide the interview process based on an applicant’s ESQ2 results. It also provides best practice interview guidelines as well as step by step information to help structure the interview process from start to finish. When used in combination with the ESQ2 report, this guide will help test takers better understand an applicant’s fit for the job and ultimately make better hiring decisions.

Why Use This Guide?

  • The guide improves the interview process by introducing a standard structure on the questions for ESQ2 test takers, and the method used to evaluate their answers.
  • SIGMA’s Structured Interview Method (SSIM) leverages decades of research on factors affecting the quality of the interview process, to provide a proven scientific method to enhance interviews and selection decisions.
  • Explore areas that have been flagged in the ESQ2 report as areas of concern and areas of strength
  • Objectively rate the quality of answers to interview questions
  • Compare applicants based on the same criteria or benchmarks
  • Identify areas of concern to explore when conducting reference and background checks.
  • Understand best practice guidelines for interviews

Ready to Administer the ESQ2?

If you’d like to utilize the ESQ2, order the assessment online today or contact SIGMA to find out more about our pre-employment assessments.