The Leadership Development Report (LDR) is a personality based development tool for individuals wishing to improve managerial and executive performance. Great care has been devoted to preparing the development advice you receive. Recommendations are based on complex statistical modeling, research findings, and coaching experience with more than 4000 executives, many of whom are from Fortune 100 companies. Many people have found their LDR profiles to be accurate and the advice to be practical and effective.  

The report identifies your score on 25 personality characteristics. Specific constellations of personality characteristics are grouped to form leadership dimensions. The leadership dimensions are collectively categorized into leadership orientations. The LDR will provide you with development advice based on your unique array of personality characteristics.

Cover of the LDR Sample Report

LDR Sample Report Contents

  • Page 5 – Your LDR Overview
  • Page 6 – Leadership Development Interpretation Guide
  • Page 8 – Your Leadership Development Report
Table 1 from the LDR overview section of the report

Table 1 provides an overview on your leadership dimensions measured by the LDR.

In this example, your overview indicates that you scored highest in Competitiveness, Emotionality, and Extraversion. Examine the advice carefully for these dimensions as these leadership dimensions have the largest influence on your behavior. Industriousness, Agreeableness and Independence are your lowest scale scores. It is important to remember that personality dimensions are usually polar dimensions, such as extraversion-introversion. Thus, a low score on one dimension indicates a high score on the opposite dimension. The development advice provided for your low scores are as valuable as your high scores to understanding your personality characteristics, and your leadership behavior.

LDR Interpretation Guide

The Leadership Development Report provides you with percentile scores, given in bar graph format, on 25 personality characteristics. As mentioned before, these 25 personality characteristics each belong to one of 13 Leadership Dimensions, which in turn compose five broad leadership orientations.

Before proceeding with an examination of your results, study the sample profile below and the explanations on the next page. They will help you understand the information presented in the rest of the report.

Figure showing sample results for the extraversion dimension of the LDR assessment

The graphs in the leadership development report show your personality profile categorized under the five leadership orientations listed in Table 1. The report also provides a detailed analysis of how your personality might impact your performance and development as an executive. This analysis takes the form of development advice that is offered for each personality characteristic.

Carefully study the profiles and the sets of advice arising from each personality characteristic. Think about them. Decide which advice best fits your situation and which would contribute most to your development. If your first reaction is to disagree with a certain personality finding or to believe that some of the advice is totally off the mark, review the advice again, and if possible, discuss the basis of your disagreement with an executive coach or confidant. In general, there is a fairly close match between a person’s view of him or herself and his or her personality as assessed by standardized measures.

How Should You Interpret Your Results?

When you are interpreting your results, take into account the purpose of the report—to aid in your development as an effective leader. The report is not designed to help you change your personality. The developmental advice is present to provide insight into how your personality affects your managerial performance. Use this advice to modify your behavior within your personal and professional limits.

Kickstart Your Team’s Leadership Development with the LDR Assessment

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