Build a Leadership Competency Framework

Build a Leadership Competency Framework

Organizations value a systematic approach for identifying leadership talent and measuring performance for several compelling reasons. A systemic approach ensures consistency and objectivity, as all candidates are evaluated using the same criteria, reducing bias and subjectivity. This method enhances predictive accuracy, enabling organizations to identify individuals likely to succeed in leadership roles and increasing the overall effectiveness of their leadership team. Additionally, a systematic approach aligns leadership development with strategic objectives, ensuring leaders possess the necessary skills and competencies to drive the organization forward.

A robust leadership competency framework is integral to a systematic approach for identifying leadership talent and measuring progress because it provides a clear and structured foundation for evaluating and developing leaders. Many organizations lack a leadership competency framework due to several factors, including the significant investment of time and resources required to develop and implement such a framework. Smaller organizations, in particular, may lack the necessary expertise. Beginning the process of building a leadership competency framework does not have to be a complicated process, but it helps to have tools in place to collect information in a confidential, objective, and meaningful way.

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To help you get started, we’ve developed an EGuide on How to Build a Leadership Competency FrameworkThis guide will guide you through the steps required to collect data and use it to create a framework that reflects the unique characteristics of your organization and your people.

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If you’d like help developing your leadership competency framework, explore SIGMA succession planning services. We offer custom coaching, consulting, and certification workshops and we would love to work with you to help you develop your leaders.

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