Executive Coach Selection

Executive Coaching

Everything you need to know

Coaching is an effective tool to help leaders set and reach their developmental goals. A good coach will increase leader awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, guide leaders in skill acquisition, and use science-based techniques to strengthen leader performance.

Selecting an executive coach can be daunting for organizations that don’t know where to start. The purpose of this eGuide, Everything You Need to Know About Executive Coaching, is to not only detail what coaching is, but how to select the right coach for any organization.


  • The definition of executive coaching
  • How the coaching process unfolds
  • The different types of coaching
  • How to have a positive experience and gain results
  • Tools used in executive coach selection
  • Key points on selecting a coach

Research supports the effectiveness of executive coaching in teaching leadership skills and creating long-lasting behavioral change. This eGuide will highlight the ways in which organizations can effectively use coaching to help leaders reach their goals and enhance their performance.

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