JVIS Occupations Guide

JVIS Occupations Guide

Comprehensive career research is a key component of career planning. The reports generated as part of the career assessment experience with the Jackson Career Explorer and the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey provide a wealth of resources that form the foundation for an effective career search.

Reports contain the following sections:

  • Ranked List of Basic Interests
  • Work Personality Preferences
  • Fit with Education Groups
  • Fit with Job Groups
  • Detailed Information on Top 3 Job Groups

The Top 3 Job Groups section of the report lists detailed job information, including O*NET or NOC job codes, for each of the client’s top 3 job groups. However, in some cases, clients want to dig deeper and explore careers that are not described in detail in their reports.

That’s why we created the JVIS Occupations Guide.

The Occupations Guide is a helpful resource for counselors and career practitioners because it expands upon the top 3 job groups in the report to provide extensive information on each of the 30+ job groups.

Our Occupations Guide will help career counselors and their clients:

  • Conduct more thorough and comprehensive career research
  • Explore jobs that fall just outside of their top 3 job groups
  • Research jobs that may be of particular interest
  • Investigate fast-growing or newly emerging jobs
  • Search for information on rare or unique jobs

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