Developing Leaders for Today’s Organization eGuide

Currently, organizations spend over $12 billion each year on leader development programs across North America. However, many of these leadership development programs fail to meet their goals because designing an effective program is challenging. The purpose of this eGuide is to provide some direction and information for organizations on how to create an effective leadership development program.

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  1. What is leader development?
  2. Why is leader development important?
  3. What can be developed?
  4. Who needs to be developed?
  5. Why do they need to be developed?
  6. Where can leaders be developed?
  7. When can leaders be developed?
  8. How to create a successful development program?
  9. 3 keys to the program’s success

SIGMA offers a variety of assessment tools that can contribute to the success of a development program. For more information and for a listing of our available tests, visit our leadership development page.

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