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What is the Survey of Work Styles?

The Survey of Work Styles (SWS) is a type A behavior pattern test. It is a self-report work style assessment with 96 items designed to assess six distinct components of the Type A Behavior Pattern (TABP) as a way to promote effective work styles and leadership development. These components are:

  • Impatience
  • Anger
  • Work Involvement
  • Time Urgency
  • Job Dissatisfaction
  • Competitiveness

The SWS is economical, convenient, objective, and has sound psychometric properties when compared with other measures.

Who Should Use The Work Style Survey?

  • Counselors and practitioners who need a Type A Behavior Pattern test to measure patterns in employees and/or clients
  • Researchers and practitioners who would like a better understanding of how Type A behavior pattern affects work attitudes, turnover, absenteeism, and work-related stress
  • Research on the behavioral correlates of health risk factors

Why Should I Use the Working Styles Assessment?

CONVENIENT. The SWS can be administered in 15 minutes on SIGMA’s online platform – SigmaTesting.com. Reports are generated immediately. Results are presented using graphs, numbers, scale descriptions, and development advice that is insightful and easy to understand.

COMPREHENSIVE REPORT. The SWS Developmental Report provides detailed advice for scores on each TABP scale. This information is valuable for coaching, development, research on work-related stress, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles in business and industrial settings.

RELIABLE AND VALID. This work style assessment is a reliable and valid measure of Type A Behavior. The SWS shows meaningful relationships with managerial performance. Test norms are based on responses from 223 men and 133 women in the United States.

CONTEMPORARY CONCEPTUALIZATION OF TABP. TABP is most often measured with interviews, which are time-consuming and susceptible to bias. Other measures of TABP fail to appreciate the multidimensionality of Type A behavior patterns. The SWS offers an improvement over other traditional measures of TABP. In its development and construction, attention was paid to minimize response bias. The SWS was designed to measure individual differences in the patterns of Type A behavior. Separate patterns have different implications for work performance and quality of interpersonal relations and are highly correlated with the Rosenman Type A Structured Interview.


The SWS Work Style Assessment available for computer administration: software and online administration and scoring. An overview of startup costs for each administration method is provided below. A detailed pricing list can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the page.

Survey of Work Styles (SWS) Startup Costs

US PricingCanadian Pricing
Online Scoring
Includes: Technical Manual, 3 SWS test administrations,
SigmaTesting.com account set up, and technical support
$ 73.50$ 87
Software Scoring
Includes: SigmaSoft Software, 10 coupons, Technical
Manual, and Software Manual
$ 233$ 262

SWS Per Test Cost

US PricingCanadian Pricing
Online Scoring$ 24.50$ 29

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