Survey of Workstyles (SWS) Sample Report

The Survey of Work Styles (SWS) assessment is a profile measure of six components of the Type A behavior pattern. The primary objective of this measure is to provide you with an enhanced understanding of your profile on these personality characteristics in order to assist you in developing more effective work styles and interpersonal relations. 

This report is based on your responses to the SWS. Your scores show how you compare with other people in terms of the six characteristics measured by the SWS, as well as the Total Type A index. Your unique pattern of high and low scale scores serves to differentiate you from other individuals. Careful examination of your profile can aid in an understanding of the impact of your personal characteristics on others in work settings and in other areas of day-to-day living. It is important to bear in mind that there are no right or wrong answers to the questions in the SWS, nor is one particular pattern of scores necessarily superior than another. 

Survey of Workstyles Report Contents

  • Page 2 – Your SWS Profile
  • Page 4 – Developmental Advice Based On Your SWS Results
  • Page 12 – The Type A Behaviour Pattern

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