Best For

  • HR professionals looking to implement a measure of occupational adjustment as part of employee placement, succession planning, or leadership development and coaching programs
  • Researchers and practitioners who would like to measure occupational stress in employees to better understand how it affects performance, work behaviors, attitudes, turnover, and absenteeism
  • Research on the behavioral correlates of health risk factors

What is the OSI-R?

The Occupational Stress Inventory-Revised (OSI-R) measures three domains of occupational adjustment – occupational stress, psychological strain, and coping resources. It yields scores on 14 different scales ranging from “Role Overload” and “Interpersonal Strain” to “Self Care.”

Why Should I Use the OSI-R?

CONVENIENT. The OSI-R can be administered in 30 minutes on SIGMA’s online platform – Reports are generated immediately. Results are presented using graphs, numbers, and scale descriptions.

WIDELY APPLICABLE. The OSI-R was normed on more than 900 adults in 130 different occupations. Revisions include new and revised items, and norms for gender and specific occupational categories (i.e., executive, professional, technical, administrative support, public service/safety, and agricultural/production/laborer).

RELIABLE AND VALID. The coefficient alphas for the OSI-R total questionnaire scores were 0.88 for ORQ, 0.93 for PSQ, and 0.89 for PRQ. The OSI-R coefficients are compared to those of the original OSI. Convergent validity studies, factor analyses, correlational studies of the relationships of the scales to variables of practical and theoretical importance, studies of the stress, strain, and coping models employing comparisons of selected criterion groups are all reported in the manual.

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An overview of startup costs for each administration method is provided below. A detailed pricing list can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the page.

OSI-R Startup Costs
US Pricing Canadian Pricing
Online Scoring

  • Includes: 3 OSI-R test administrations, account set up, and technical support
$66 $78
OSI-R Per Test Cost
US Pricing Canadian Pricing
Online Scoring $22 $26


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How do I order?

Purchasing the OSI-R can happen quickly and easily. The first step is to complete an application form to get approved for an online account. Once approved, you will receive an email with your log in information. At that point, you can log in, purchase tests, and begin testing.

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