A Multi-Generational Workforce

Benefits, Challenges, & Strategies

Organizations are employing people from as young as 18 years old to 70 years old and sometimes even older. Each generation views the world slightly different because of the way they experienced the world. The purpose of this EGuide is to provide some guidance to organizations regarding a multi-generational workforce. See how the generations differ. Learn what they have in common. And discover the benefits, challenges, and strategies for creating an effective work environment for your staff and organization.

Download our EGuide, A Multi-Generational Workforce to learn:

  1. What is a multi-generational workforce?
  2. How does age affect the workforce and organization?
  3. What are the benefits of having a multi-generational workforce?
  4. What are the challenges organizations will face?
  5. How can organizations deal with the challenges?

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