We’ve got your future, down to a science.

Our Purpose: Your Future

…It’s why the world still reads horoscopes, reaches for almanacs and cracks open fortune cookies.

It’s exciting to imagine what might take place in the future, and the hope is that success is in the stars for our well-being, relationships, and careers.

Now, what if the information you were handed about your future, was actually something valid, grounded in science, and useful? Something that would enable you to actively create an ideal environment for yourself or your company?

Enter SIGMA Assessment Systems: experts in the science of success. Working to help you make success a reality in your workplace, SIGMA supports you in finding and developing people potential.

We don’t need a crystal ball or good fortune to predict the future. We make it happen using science to support your important people decisions.

Through more than just products, but tried-and-true processes, a team of talented people who understand people deliver solutions that will help you choose wiser, hire smarter, develop stronger, and feel confident about what the future has in store.

Our History

We are proud to share the story that made us who we are today.

The founder of our company, Dr. Douglas Jackson, took an early interest in the importance of tests and assessments for real life decisions.

In high school, he discovered an interest in chemistry and began to consider it as a possible field of study. While trying to decide on his future career and educational pursuits, he expressed an interest in taking a vocational interest test, but was discouraged by a guidance counselor. Determined to explore this on his own, he traveled by himself to New York City and paid to have a test administered and interpreted.

The results would determine more than just Dr. Jackson’s future but those of millions of people who would benefit from him taking that career test.

He was advised to consider a career that incorporated his interests in both science and people. This resonated with him. He became curious about the test itself, and the ability of tests to make predictions about people based on their scores. This experience planted a seed that would blossom into a long and influential career as a researcher, psychologist, scientist, innovator, and founder of a company known for making assessments of the highest scientific standards and quality.

Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D.

The hope that their results have had some impact on their career and life satisfaction gives me some confidence that our extra efforts have been worthwhile” – Dr. Douglas N. Jackson

The tests and assessments developed by Dr. Jackson have made an impact. They have helped millions of individuals and professionals hire better employees, develop stronger leaders, plan careers with purpose, and uncover their true potential.

Our People

We are a strong and cohesive team of experts who have been working together for a long time to deliver continuity in customer care. With SIGMA, you’ll find familiar names and faces, informed service, simplified systems, and the flexibility to build custom solutions.

We do the work. You get the results.

Ted Jackson

President & CEO

Ted_PhotoTed ensures SIGMA is working to achieve its strategic objectives, and consistently and successfully meeting client needs according to the highest standards of research, quality, and customer service. He collaborates on contracts and agreements with our global distributors and partners.

Julie Carswell, PhD

Vice President


Julie oversees research and development projects as well as training, coaching, and consulting work. She divides her time between successfully promoting and executing SIGMA’s strategic vision to develop innovative, psychometrically superior assessments and implementing large scale employee and leadership coaching and development initiatives for clients.

Glen Harrison


glenPhotoGlen oversees SIGMA’s sales and marketing activities. As a skilled presenter and trainer, he has designed and delivered engaging and entertaining workshops and webinars to help leaders and HR professionals enhance their understanding of how our products and services can be used to realize potential within their organizations.

Sharon Van Duynhoven

Office Manager


Sharon brings our tests and assessments from the development stage to marketable product. She ensures quality control at every step of a project, edits technical documents and manuals, and artistically enhances reports and resources. She also manages contracts with clients across the globe and answers technical questions.

Mara Fraccaro

CSR/Office Assistant


Mara is an integral member of the SIGMA team. She brings her skills in communication, creativity, and dedication from her unique background in theatre and music. Mara is the first point of contact for customer service calls and emails.

Ruby Nadler, PhD

Research Scientist & Leadership Coach

Ruby-PhotoRuby has her Ph.D in cognitive psychology and brings this expertise to bear on SIGMA’s executive coaching practice and programs. She has specific expertise in mindfulness, and uses her training to support leaders to hone critical competencies including judgment and decision making skills, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, work-life integration, and stress reduction.

Alice Tjiu, MASc

Senior Research Associate

Alice_EditAlice combines her background in industrial/organizational psychology with design skills to develop and renew SIGMA’s reports and resources.  She organizes and presents information in a way that makes products more aesthetic, intuitive, and transparent.

Erica Sutherland, MSC

Research Associate & Executive Coach

Erica_PhotoErica brings her experience and expertise in measurement and personality psychology to support SIGMA’s Research & Development Function. With her knowledge of scale development and psychometrics, Erica plays a key role in the development and ongoing validation of SIGMA’s many assessments.

Brittney Anderson, MSc

Research Associate & Executive Coach


Brittney is pursuing her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Western University. She specializes in psychological contracts, organizational commitment, and employee engagement. Her specific interests combined with her strong work ethic and writing skills make her a key member of the SIGMA Research & Development team.

Laura Johnson, MSc

Research & Development Intern

Laura is pursuing her PhD in Psychology (Personality & Measurement) at Western University. She specializes in test construction, psychometrics, personality traits, and prosocial behavior. She is also bilingual and uses her knowledge of French to assist with SIGMA’s French projects. Her strong writing and analytical skills, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence lend themselves well to her role in SIGMA’s Research & Development team.

Jose Espinoza, MSc

Research & Development Intern

Jose is pursuing his PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Western University. His key areas of study focus on the importance of meaningful work, employee well-being, and how leadership can be used to impact both. Jose also specializes in the application of newly-developed statistical techniques to provide new perspectives on how to solve workplace issues. His unique skill set with regards to leadership development makes him a welcome addition to the SIGMA Research & Development team.

Richard Sleegers

Software Developer & IT Support

Richard_PhotoRichard is part of the software, fax scoring, and web applications development team that brings SIGMA’s vision and designs to life by executing technical plans and user-friendly solutions. He ensures our clients have secure and round-the-clock access to our multiple testing platforms. He also provides support for internal systems and assists with customer support on technical issues.

Ron Haertel

Software Engineer & IT Support

Ron_PhotoRon is part of SIGMA’s development team that designs user-friendly, custom software and web application solutions. He helps manage the quality and reliability of SIGMA’s software and web applications and provides exceptional customer service and software support. He also assists with bringing our vision and designs to life by planning and designing testing and assessment platforms.