JCE Sample Report

Whether you are just starting to explore careers or reconsidering your options, it is critical to make the right decisions based on all the information at your fingertips. The JCE Sample Report is one important resource that can start you on a path to finding a rewarding and satisfying career.

When reviewing your JCE report, it’s important to understand that:

  • Results only provide information about your interests – they do not indicate whether you have the ability, skill, personality, or education necessary to do a particular line of work.
  • The report was designed as a self-help tool to guide you in choosing a career that matches your interests. Treat your results as a starting point for career exploration.
  • Use other information to help you make career decisions (e.g., experience, skills, knowledge, talents, values, personal characteristics, and previous performance).
  • Your interests can also be fulfilled outside of your job, through hobbies, community activities, family, education, and volunteer work.
  • A trusted counselor or advisor can help you integrate the information in this report with other sources, and can provide additional guidance and local resources.
  • You are encouraged to find out more about the specific occupations and fields that interest you, such as job descriptions, work environments, education requirements, and labor market information.

JCE Sample Report Contents

  • Page 2 – Basic Interests
  • Page 3 – Work Personality Scores
  • Page 4 – Education Groups
  • Page 5 – Job Groups
  • Page 6 – Top 3 Job Groups
  • Page 13 – Summary
  • Page 14 – Exploring My Options

Ready to Administer the JCE?

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