The LCIA-360 is designed to provide you with feedback on your leadership character based on multiple perspectives. The report provides information on your self-ratings on a series of character dimensions and elements, and compares these with ratings collected from leaders, colleagues, direct/indirect reports, and other relevant raters. The LCIA360 report also contains specific comments from your raters designed to facilitate your character development.

Cover of the LCIA-360 Report

LCIA-360 Report Contents

  • Page 3 – Nature & Importance of Leadership Character 
  • Page 6 – LCIA Results Overview 
  • Page 10 – Detailed Character Profile 
Figure from the Nature and Importance of Leadership Character section in the LCIA-360 report

This section provides information about the nature of leadership character, including its constituent dimensions and elements. This section also explains why character is essential for effective leadership and organizational performance. 

Figure in the Results Overview section of the LCIA-360 report

The Character Snapshot provides an overview of your results on each character dimension. The snapshot compares your own rating on each dimension with the average rating provided by all of your raters. Use this section to quickly identify both your strengths and areas for development. 

The Character Summary summarizes your results on each element grouped according to its corresponding dimension. Your self assessment on each element is compared with your average rating. Use this information to dig deeper on dimensional scores and identify which elements that reflect strengths and which ones present opportunities for development.

Integrity Section

This section provides detailed results on each dimension and each element of that dimension. The charts and tables display your own score as well as scores provided by leaders, colleagues, direct/indirect reports, and other relevant raters. Each chart is accompanied by comments provided by your raters as well as advice for development and links to additional resources.

Keep in mind that character is formed through experience. Over time, the way we respond to these experiences becomes habitual, and those habits build character. Because of this, there are opportunities for character development available all the time in everyday life. In the LCIA-360 report, SIGMA offers developmental exercises you can use to begin developing your leader character today. However, there are also plenty of opportunities to begin developing character in other areas of life: work, home, friendships, etc. For example, reflecting about why you might be impatient, excessive, or careless in any of these areas provides the raw material for examining and developing your character in action.

Although the LCIA-360 report describes each dimension of character, your associated score, and how you can develop it, we continually reinforce the point that the dimensions support one another and are interdependent. Therefore, exercises to develop Courage, for example, also bring with them opportunities to develop the other dimensions since you need to exercise Judgment about what you are doing and perhaps exercise some Temperance and Accountability in the process.

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