MEIA-W-R Sample Report

The MEIA-W-R (Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment – Workplace – Revised) defines emotional intelligence as a willingness to perceive, understand, and regulate emotions in the self and in others. The MEIA-W-R measures 11 distinct aspects of EI as expressed in the workplace.

This report presents your MEIA-W-R results. It describes your scores on each of the 11 MEIA-W-R dimensions. This includes your relative score compared to the norm sample and a more in-depth explanation of each MEIA-W-R dimension. Because each dimension has workplace performance and development implications, the report also includes development advice.

MEIA-W-R Report Contents

  • Page 4 – Interpreting the Report
  • Page 5 – The MEIA-W-R Approach
  • Page 6 – MEIA-W-R Results
  • Page 10 – MEIA-W-R Dimension-by-Dimension Results

Determine Your Team’s EI with the MEIA-W-R Assessment

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