Cross-Enterprise Leader

The Cross-Enterprise Leader

A Cross-Enterprise Leader is someone who, at any level of leadership, sees the issues and analyzes them. They then act with the interests and perspectives of the total enterprise in mind, including any networks or alliances of other enterprises in which it helps create and deliver stakeholder value.

Cross-Enterprise Leaders avoid narrow interests in favor of doing the right thing for the enterprise, even if compensation or other reward systems suggest something different.

What key ingredients are necessary to make a successful Cross-Enterprise Leader? Ivey professors Gerard Seijts, Mary Crossan, and Jeffrey Gandz suggest that there are 5 types of intelligence that are needed to be an effective cross-enterprise leader. In addition, six virtues (wisdom, temperateness, integrity, compassion, courage, and transcendence) should be present. Growth and development of the cross-enterprise leader can be nurtured.

SIGMA offers a few options for character assessment tools that can be used with leaders to identify their character strengths and development opportunities.

These Ivey professors have pooled their knowledge in leadership, strategy and organizational effectiveness, and experience as consultants to share the “secret sauce” for developing Cross-Enterprise Leaders in your organization.

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