SIGMARadius 360° Feedback Rater Guide

A comprehensive guide to our multisource feedback tool

360° Feedback Rater Guide

The purpose of our 360° feedback rater guide is to provide a summary and overview of 360° assessments in general. In addition, this guide also serves as an introduction to SIGMA’s multisource competency assessment, the SIGMARadius. You can use multisource feedback tools to evaluate employees across several different attributes, including competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance to help identify strengths and opportunities for future development.

What distinguishes a 360° assessment from other employee evaluation tools is the use of multiple raters. Instead of relying on input solely from an employee’s direct supervisor, our 360° assessment collects ratings of an employee (or “target”) from the employee, as well as from multiple people who have different relationships with this target. Supervisors, colleagues, and direct/indirect reports may all provide evaluations of the target employee. Often, these raters are also asked to provide written comments or narrative feedback to enrich their ratings. This process provides a more comprehensive account of the employee’s strengths and developmental opportunities.

The SIGMARadius 360° Feedback Rater Guide will give you the information needed to:

  • Explain how 360° assessments differ from traditional employee evaluations
  • Define the competencies assessed by SIGMARadius
  • Understand how SIGMARadius is administered
  • Identify common pitfalls associated with 360° ratings, and know how to avoid them
  • Provide useful and meaningful narrative feedback within a 360° assessment
  • Recognize common patterns in 360° ratings

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