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Exporting Test Data [VIDEO]

Exporting Test Data from

Learn how export your client test data on, SIGMA’s online testing site.

This tutorial walks you through the steps to exporting test data from your account.

Exporting test data is especially useful for researchers. However, organizations may be interested in exporting their data to create custom summary reports based on test results of a group.

Watch the short video below:



If you are new to SIGMA and may be interested in setting up an online account, please contact us or visit to complete the application form.

Other videos are available to watch on YouTube, including how to sign into your account, how to purchase a test, how to administer a test, how to view a report, and using the sort feature.


About the Author

Sharon Van Duynhoven

Office Manager

Sharon brings our tests and assessments from the development stage to marketable product. She ensures quality control at every step of a project, edits technical documents and manuals, and artistically enhances reports and resources. She also manages contracts with clients across the globe and answers technical questions.