SIGMA Featured in Ivey Business School’s Leader Character Paper

SIGMA Assessment Systems Inc. (SIGMA), a leading provider of executive consulting and talent assessments, is pleased to have been featured in a new MITSloan Management Review article. Authored by Ivey Business School professors Mary Crossan, William (Bill) Furlong, and Robert D. Austin, “Make Leader Character Your Competitive Edge” examines the competitive advantage organizations achieve by measuring, identifying, and leveraging leadership character. “Character is about a lot more than ethics — and fostering a culture where it is valued equally alongside competence can result in better decisions and better outcomes,” said the authors.[i]

A Method for Measuring Leader Character: The LCIA

Valuing leader character at the same level as competence can only be achieved when it is measured as such. To augment a competence-based leadership assessment process with a unique, powerful predictor of leadership performance, SIGMA developed a rigorous, science-based assessment to accurately measure leader character. Based on the Ivey Business School’s leading-edge leader character research, the Leadership Character Insight Assessment (LCIA) measures 11 dimensions and 62 sub-elements of leader character. The assessment automatically generates a leader character report when completed, including a summary of scores, additional resources, and guidance for development. The insights provided by the LCIA equip leaders and organizations with a deeper understanding of character and the language to discuss leader character in a meaningful way.

By providing a platform to initiate learning and development around leader character, the LCIA allows leaders to effectively identify and address problems that stall careers, strain working relationships, and contaminate organizational cultures. As authors Crossan, Furlong, and Austin noted, “We contend that the times we live in make elevating character alongside competence not only a strategic imperative but also a social responsibility.”

Leadership Character Resources

To read the full version of Crossan et al.’s paper in MITSloan’s Management review.

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