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71% of Leaders Not Ready to Lead


The Brandon Hall Group has just released its’ State of Leadership Development survey results for 2015. The report found that an astonishing “71% of research respondents said their leaders are not ready to lead their organizations into the future.”

Your reaction to this number may be a sigh of relief if your organization is in the same boat as the 71%. At least you’re not alone, right?

Wrong. These numbers should be a call to action to get a leg up on your competition instead of a reason to take your foot off the gas.

Leadership Development: Critical Calls to Action

The study revealed 4 recommendations to improve the business impact of Leadership Development programs. The major themes revolve around Millennials – their unique needs and their growing proportion of organizational leadership.

  1. Understand the New Leadership Workforce Demographics
  2. Accelerate the Development of Millennial Leaders
  3. Institutionalize ‘Just for Me’ Leader Learning
  4. Use Predictive Leadership Analytics

Key Findings of Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 Leadership Development Study

For those of you that don’t want to read the entire report, here are 5 key findings:

  1. Organizations all agree to the importance of leadership yet few formally define what great leadership is
  2. The deficit of leadership is recognized and experienced globally
  3. Developing a leader’s coaching skills is the single best opportunity for improving employee performance
  4. Leadership Development is important at all levels of the organization
  5. Leadership Development spending is expected to rise

Contact us to find out how we’ve used assessments to help organizations define leadership, identify potential, and develop leaders that are ready to lead.

Check out Brandon Hall Group’s State of Leadership Development study by clicking here.


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