Measure Success

Measure Success

Critical Success Factors for Leadership Development

Success Factors for Leadership Development
Critical Success Factors for Leadership Development

Excerpted from the book, Measuring the Success of Leadership Development, find 14 ways to measure success for leadership development.

  1. Align the program to business measures in the beginning
  2. Identify specific behavior changes needed for the target audience
  3. Identify learning needs from the target audience
  4. Establish application and impact objectives for LD programs
  5. Involve the right kind of people at the right time
  6. Design leadership development for successful learning and application
  7. Create expectations to achieve results and provide data
  8. Address the learning transfer issue early and often
  9. Establish supportive partnerships with key managers
  10. Select the proper data sets for the desired evaluation level
  11. Build data collection into the process and position it as an application tool
  12. Isolate the effects of the program on impact data
  13. Be proactive and develop impact and ROI analysis for major programs
  14. Use data collected at different levels for adjustments and improvements

The use of a static tool can help with measuring change. Contact Glen Harrison for more information on how we can help you ensure your next Leadership Development initiative is a huge success.

Author - Glen Harrison

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