Online Testing Process

SIGMA’s Online Testing Process

You’ve asked, we’ve answered. is one of SIGMA’s online testing platforms offering a collection of assessments for your clients. Begin using our online services in 5 simple steps.

  1. Register. Go to to apply for an online testing account.
  2. Get approved. Receive an email with confirmation that you are approved. The email will contain log in information to access your online assessment system.
  3. Access your account. Use the information from your confirmation email to log into your account.
  4. Purchase. Click on Purchase Tests. Enter the number of tests you require and provide payment information to process the order.
  5. Deliver. Send an email to your client to take a test.

Begin here by registering online.

Online testing process


About the Author

Sharon Van Duynhoven

Office Manager

Sharon brings our tests and assessments from the development stage to marketable product. She ensures quality control at every step of a project, edits technical documents and manuals, and artistically enhances reports and resources. She also manages contracts with clients across the globe and answers technical questions.