Post: Why Do You Need To Be Qualified?

December 13, 2015

Why Do You Need to be Qualified?

Not everyone is aware that the purchase of many of our tests requires a minimum level of qualifications.

Test user qualifications are necessary for ensuring appropriate test use and interpretation. The American Psychological Association (APA) has established guidelines for test user qualifications in order to inform test users and the general public of the qualifications the APA considers important for the competent and responsible use and interpretation of psychological tests. The improper usage of tests and assessments can have serious ramifications. Our test user qualifications, like many other reputable test publishing companies, are based on the APA guidelines to maintain standardized administration and scoring procedures, preserve the confidentiality of test materials and test information, reinforce safeguards for protecting test material and results, and ensure the protection of the legal rights of test takers.

An individual’s qualification level is generally determined by their level of education, training, or relevant experience in the use and interpretation of psychological assessments. Please consult our website for information about our qualification levels and the level that is associated with the use of a particular assessment. To complete the qualifications form, go to:

If you do not meet the appropriate qualifications for the assessment you are interested in purchasing, you must have your order countersigned by a qualified professional consultant who will take responsibility for the use of the materials. Alternatively, we are more than willing to offer our comprehensive consultation services at a reasonable cost. Please contact us for more details on interpretation solutions for our assessments.


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