Structured Interview Checklist

Use a Structured Interview Checklist to Develop your Process

In the EGuide, The Structured Interview, we detail how to develop a valid, legally defensible hiring process by giving structure to your interviews. With this in mind, we would like to share a structured interview checklist. This checklist details 5 components you need to complete your interview process.

1. Closely Align Interview Questions with Job


  • Reduces bias by eliminating subjective questions
  • Increases the predictive validity for future job performance
  • Improves content validity
  • Increases legal defensibility
  • Increases both actual and perceived fairness

2. Ask All Candidates the Same Questions


  • Reduces bias, as all candidates are given the same opportunity to communicate their qualifications
  • More legally defensible
  • Increases both actual and perceived fairness

3. Use Pre-Determined Rating Scales


  • Increases the accuracy of interviewers by providing specific guidance on what constitutes high/low scores
  • Quantifies subjective data
  • Makes it easier to compare candidates

4. Use Multiple Interviewers (Interview Panels)


  • Reduces personal bias by capturing multiple perspectives
  • Allows participation from multiple departments and/or multiple levels of the company

5. Train Interviewers


  • Ensures interviewers are knowledgeable about the position requirements
  • Uses effective questioning
  • Correctly documents answers
  • Properly applies rating scales

For more detailed information on how to use a checklist to develop a structured interview process, download the EGuide, The Structured Interview.

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