10 Virtues of a Cross Enterprise Leader

There is no agreement on a definition of leadership character. In fact, there seem to be as many definitions as there are individuals who are researching and writing about character.

In our EGuide, Developing Leadership Character, we discuss how personality traits, values, and virtues combine to determine a leader’s character. In this blog we focus specifically on virtues. Defining and unravelling the 10 virtues of a cross enterprise leader.

Virtues are like behavioral habits – something that is presented fairly often. For example, Aristotle wrote that: “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

We propose that cross-enterprise leaders who focus on the long-term performance of their organizations must demonstrate the following ten virtues:

These ten virtues: humility, integrity, collaboration, justice, courage, temperance, accountability, humanity, transcendence, and judgment plus drive are measured in our leader character assessment, the Leadership Character Insight Assessment (LCIA).

Learn more about how character is defined, measured, and developed at AssessCharacter.com.