Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

The Volkswagen emissions scandal: A case study in corporate misbehavior

In a recent Globe and Mail article, Tima Bansal, Michael King, and Gerard Seijts write about the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal:

“The news that Volkswagen rigged its diesel engines to falsify emissions tests is shocking. Business leaders may not always get it right, but how VW got it so wrong is truly baffling. This corporate misbehavior is unacceptable from any of the perspectives we teach in our classrooms – from that of finance and the markets, or business sustainability and corporate social responsibility, or business leadership.”

The authors argue that VW’s setback is a failure of character that organizations should measure and develop to avoid becoming another case study in leadership failure.

Read more about how they teach managers the importance of character and to consider the “triple bottom line”: people, planet, and profit in this Globe and Mail article.

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