Why Choose SIGMA for Succession?

Why Choose SIGMA for Succession?

Are you looking for help with your succession plan? DIY succession planning can be a long and arduous process, and many companies who attempt to create an internal plan fail to get their process off the ground. Common roadblocks include: failure to implement a standardized procedure, use objective metrics, create talent development plans, or effectively measure progress. Working with a consultant can not only save time but ensure that any plan you make is robust, effective, and designed to meet your goals.

When it comes to consultants, there are a lot of options out there. Why choose SIGMA? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. We specialize in succession planning. SIGMA is no ordinary consulting agency; our team specializes in coaching and consulting for succession planning. This means we have both expertise and experience in helping companies develop their leaders and prepare for tomorrow.
  2. We offer a range of services. SIGMA provides full-service consulting as well as basic succession planning training. Whether you’re looking for a fully customized succession plan, or an introduction to the process, we’ve got something here to help you.
  3. We’re efficient. Our Launch Series accomplishes six months of work in just two half-day sessions. We will then deliver a custom 12-month succession plan for each member of your leadership team within four to six weeks.
  4. We’re effective. Our six-step succession planning process is evidence-based, industry-validated, and flexible enough to suit any organization. We introduce objective metrics you can use to track progress, and help you implement development plans that allow you to reach success.
  5. We use academic rigor. SIGMA has received nearly 4,500 academic citations, and our reliability and validity standards in research carry over into everything we do.
  6. We’ve stood the test of time. SIGMA has been around for over 50 years, developing science-based assessments and providing leadership coaching services.
  7. We have experience. SIGMA has worked with over 8,500 public and private organizations across North America. This means we have a breadth and depth of industry, geographic, and organizational experience.
  8. Our clients are diverse. We’ve worked with clients that include Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, universities, colleges, and government agencies.
  9. We are committed to our clients. Over 400 of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years.
  10. We care (and we have fun)! At SIGMA, we’re passionate about developing leaders for tomorrow. We care deeply about our clients and take pride in the quality of our work. We also have fun! When you partner with SIGMA, you’re guaranteed a relationship with a consultant who is dedicated to helping your team be the best you can be.

Nine Ways You Can Save Time By Working With a Consultant

Nine ways you save time when working with a succession planning consultant

Download the Infographic: Time Saved When You Work With SIGMA

Ready to Get Started?

Interested in learning more? Check out our succession planning services, including the Launch Series where we guide your team through six months of custom succession planning in just two half-day sessions. Want to start small? No problem! You can also register for one of SIGMA’s open-enrollment Succession Planning Certification Workshops. In these workshops we’ll introduce our six-step succession planning process and train you on how to scale it across your organization. For more tools and templates, check out our resources, download our Succession Planning Guide, or contact us today.

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Helen completed a dual degree with Ivey Business School’s HBA program and Western University’s Honours Specialization in Psychology. As a Marketing Coordinator and Consultant she creates and manages content for SIGMA’s webpages, blogs, and coaching resources. Helen also assists in new product development, go-to-market strategy, and client consultation.