Why Join SIGMA’s Succession Planning Webinar?

Why Join SIGMA’s Succession Planning Webinar?

SIGMA’s FREE Succession Planning Webinar can help you kickstart your succession planning process. Here’s why webinars are up-and-coming, and why you can use our succession planning webinar to get started today:

Why Webinars are Trending Upwards

By the end of next year (2023), the webinar market is projected to reach $800 million.[i] This number may be staggering, but it is not surprising, given that all around the world, organizations across industries are adopting remote work and online learning policies. This has made webinars one of the most effective and convenient ways to learn.

54% of B2B professionals watch webinars every week[ii]  – do you?

Ten Reasons Why You Should Come

  1. It’s quick. We present all our material, free resources, and live Q&A in just 1 hour.
  2. It’s convenient. Our webinars are free, virtual, and run once every 3 months.
  3. It’s educational. Learn the latest succession planning methodology – plus a few interesting statistics that are sure to stick in your mind.
  4. It’s practical. We’ll give you real tips and tricks to set you up for success.
  5. You’ll get access to experts. Our consultants are doctorate-holding industrial/organizational psychologists with years of industry experience.
  6. You’ll get access to resources. You’ll receive free tools and templates you can use to structure your succession planning process.
  7. It’s free. We deliver our best tips and tricks at no cost to you.
  8. There’s no commitment. Because our session is free there’s no pressure; you can just sit back, listen, and learn.
  9. It’s fun. We laugh, we learn, we’d love to have you there.
  10. It works. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what attendees are saying:

“Good content and lots of resources available”

– Webinar participant

“Well-structured, good presenter, good methodology”

– Webinar participant

“Well-structured, good presenter, good methodology”

– Webinar participant

What to Expect

When you come to SIGMA’s Succession Planning Webinar you’ll get an introduction to the basics of succession planning. We’ll introduce you to SIGMA’s 6-Step Succession Planning Process, a tried and true methodology for creating robust succession plans. We’ll also show you a number of free tools and templates you can download and use along the way.

Webinar agenda:

  • What is succession planning?
  • Succession planning vs. replacement hiring
  • Why is succession planning important?
  • The 6-step succession planning process
  • Tips for implementation
  • Live Q&A

Join Us!

Ready to get started? If you’d like to sign up for SIGMA’s next succession planning webinar, please fill out the form on our website to register for FREE. Once you have registered you should receive a confirmation, as well as a calendar invite with the zoom link for the next session. If you do not receive these, please contact us. If you have any questions before the webinar, or any other questions about the webinar, check out the site below to learn more.

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[ii] Steward, J. (May 16, 2022). The Ultimate List of Webinar Statistics for 2022. Findstack. Retrieved from https://findstack.com/webinar-statistics/.

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