A Step-by-Step Guide to Leadership Development

Welcome to your Step-by-Step Guide to the LSP-R Focus Report! Here, we’ll walk you through the leadership development process based on your assessment, results, and the report you should have automatically received upon completion. If you did not receive a report, please contact us. If you have not taken the LSP-R you can view a sample report in order to follow along with the instructions below.

About the LSP-R Focus Assessment

The LSP-R is a personality assessment that uses employees’ natural tendencies to make inferences about their leadership behaviors. Results from this assessment can help employees identify strengths, as well as areas where they have opportunities to grow. There are several benefits to using an assessment like the LSP-R:

Benefits for Employees:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Learn to play to their strengths
  • Capitalize on development opportunities
  • Support personal and professional (i.e., leadership) development
  • Increase employability

Benefits for Businesses

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Develop an internal pool of leaders
  • Improve employee engagement and performance
  • Lay the foundation for a leadership pipeline and succession planning process

Focus Report for Leadership Development

One of the major advantages of using the LSP-R is that every test-taker automatically receives an in-depth Focus Report upon completion of the assessment. The LSP-R Focus Report provides a summary of an individual’s scores for each of the 50 competencies in SIGMA’s Leadership Competency Framework. The report also highlights MyZONE competencies, which are optimal areas for development. Each score includes a detailed description of the competency, an analysis of the score, and guidance on specific ways the competency can be developed. The report also includes templates and activities that can be used to set development goals and create an action plan.

Step-By-Step Leadership Development Guide

In the step-by-step leadership development guide, we’ll walk you through each of the three development activities included in the LSP-R Focus Report and provide a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

  1. Activity 1 – Identifying Development Opportunities
  2. Activity 2 – Prioritizing Development Opportunities
  3. Activity 3 – Creating a Development Plan

Looking for More?

If you would like help with your leadership development plan, SIGMA is here for you! Contact us if you need help interpreting your LSP-R results or creating your development plan. We are always happy to chat! We are also available as coaches if you do not have internal resources. Check out SIGMA’s group and individual coaching, and our Lunch and Learn series.

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