Keep Your Succession Plan on Track

When it comes to succession planning, considering your internal talent, planning to promote from within, and aiming to develop your talent is easy. Many companies have high ambitions for how they will enact succession planning. They also often have lofty goals for what they’ll get out of the process. However, the reality is that creating and maintaining a development plan can be incredibly difficult. Among other steps for creating a realistic and attainable talent development plan, building accountability into your succession plan is essential for success. At SIGMA, we’ve designed an activity to help you stay on track and, as a result, make progress toward your succession goals.

Talent Development Accountability Tracker for Succession Planning

Talent Development Accountability Tracker for Succession Planning
Download the Talent Development Accountability Tracker

At all stages of a candidate’s development, the most valuable resource they can have is an engaged and motivated leader. Both the succession candidate and their direct leader should be involved in tracking and discussing progress toward development goals. Once a candidate has chosen their high-priority areas of development, use the Accountability Tracker as a touch point. Both parties should rate progress toward their goals. Use these ratings as a prompt to have a face-to-face discussion about ongoing successes, roadblocks, and priorities.

Keep momentum going by scheduling meetings every three to six months to evaluate and discuss succession candidate progress. Additionally, use this time to assess current talent development goals, plan next steps, and consider the candidate’s future goals. These meetings also allow the leader to coach the candidate and assess the succession candidate’s level of interest and motivation.

How SIGMA Can Help

Maintaining accountability is a critical step in reaching talent development goals in any organization. SIGMA offers resources to help you develop talent in your company, such as how to identify development opportunities and use performance management in your succession planning process.

Download a fillable version of our Accountability Tracker.

Contact us to learn more about how SIGMA’s Simple Succession Process can not only kick-start growth and development in your company, but how it can help you sustain this growth over time.