SigmaRadius 360 Feedback Example

SigmaRadius 360 Feedback Example

The following is an example of our SigmaRadius 360 Degree Feedback tool.

For those of you interested in using SigmaRadius for your process, contact us for a live demo. We can also discuss how we make the 360 Degree Feedback process simple for you.

For those of you researching 360 employee feedback surveys, we are still happy to help. Just remember SIGMA when you are ready to implement the project.

Below we list a few basic elements that your 360 Degree Feedback survey should include:

1. Communication to Participants

Clearly communicating the process to participants before the process begins is critical. It’s needed to ensure employee buy-in as well as quality of ratings and comments that come along with the buy-in. Here is a Sample 360 Communication that you can modify to support that communication.

360 feedback example

Note that there is no such thing as too much communication, especially as it relates to the confidentiality of the ratings. With this in mind, we reinforce confidentiality on the welcome screen of our platform.

2. Process for Selecting Raters

Any 360 feedback system should facilitate the selection of raters (either by the target or their supervisor) from the following relationship categories:

  • Supervisor / Leader
  • Peer / Colleague
  • Direct / Indirect Report
  • Other (which might include customers, vendors, and other relationships not covered by the above)

The value of 360 feedback is the ability to collect multiple perspectives (typically 3-6 raters) from each of the above categories.

360 feedback example

3. Items and Rating Scales Grounded in Research

Remember, that there is more to a quality 360 feedback survey than ‘writing up’ a few questions with a rating scale. You should leverage the available research and science when developing your competencies and determining the best way to measure them. This is why we recommend starting with a ready-made competency model developed using those science-based best-practices. Some vendors (including SIGMA) have an efficient process for customizing their leadership model to your specific needs.

360 feedback example

4. Comprehensive Reporting

Decades ago, when we started delivering 360 feedback services to clients, surveys were still completed on paper. For one of our early projects we collected, collated, and filed over 200,000 ratings forms! Each of those forms were input manually into our software to produce over 35,000 reports that were all printed and physically delivered to the client.

Thanks to technology, the process is much simpler and seamless which allows us to deliver detail rich reports that include, not only rater’s comments, but also development advice for each competency measured. The technology also provides the ability to produce consolidated reports for the organization or department.

Hopefully we have delivered some of the information that you are looking for. If not, check out the resources below or just contact us. We are always here to help.

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