Understanding the LSP-R myZONE

How the LSP-R Focus Report and myZone Can Help You Become a Better Leader

As anyone starting or completing a professional development plan knows, behavior change can be difficult. Making progress towards personal growth goals requires self-awareness, sustained effort, and time. At SIGMA, we know how challenging this can be. Consequently, that is why we developed the LSP-R Focus Report to help support leaders in their development efforts.

With the recent release of the Leadership Skills Profile – Revised (LSP-R), we saw an opportunity to provide our clients with a report that helps guide them through the development process. Not only does the LSP-R Focus Report provide personalized, detailed feedback on how an individual’s underlying personality can impact their performance on several key leadership competencies, it also offers suggestions on what can be done to improve performance on these competencies. While this advice can be a rich source of information for those who are looking to develop their skills as a leader, it can still be difficult to know where to begin.

That’s where the LSP-R myZONE comes in. The myZONE feature highlights those competencies with the most immediate potential for development. That means that the myZONE doesn’t reflect leaders’ lowest scoring competencies. Rather, it highlights those areas where leaders are likely to demonstrate a degree of skill, based on their scores. Therefore, focusing development efforts in these areas is likely to result in myZONE competencies becoming strengths in the future.

When choosing which areas to focus development efforts on first, we recommend considering both your lowest scoring and your myZONE competencies. By considering both groups of competencies, you will likely be able to identify one or two key areas where change would have a fairly large impact on your day-to-day effectiveness as a leader.

The LSP-R “Focus Activity” within the Focus Report can help you do just that. The report walks you through a series of exercises in which you can identify those competencies you’d like to develop, and then focus your efforts further by selecting one area based on the demand for that competency, the opportunities you have to demonstrate it, and the resources available to support your development. Subsequently, once you identify the focus of your development efforts, you can begin to create a plan by leveraging the personalized feedback in the LSP-R Focus Report. Finally, whether your development plans are self-guided or supported by an executive coach, the LSP-R Focus Report will help you prioritize your efforts to have the largest impact on your performance.

How SIGMA Can Help

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