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Make Better Hiring Decisions with the LSP-R Selection Report

Earlier this fall, SIGMA announced the release of the Leadership Skills Profile-Revised™ (LSP-R). This marked a major update to one of SIGMA’s flagship assessments designed to support leadership development. Now, we are excited to expand our suite of LSP-R offerings with the release of the LSP-R Selection Report.

What is the LSP-R Selection Report?

The LSP-R is a personality-based leadership assessment that predicts candidates’ performance on 50 competencies that are critical to leadership effectiveness. The Selection Report is designed specifically for the purposes of selection, with results and analyses tailored to support decision-making processes (i.e., hiring and/or promotion).

How does it work?

The LSP-R Selection Report provides three summary scores for each candidate: Overall Leadership Performance, Interpersonal Leadership Effectiveness, and Task Orientation. Interpersonal Leadership Effectiveness reflects a leader’s proficiency in communicating and interacting with others, whereas Task Orientation reflects a focus on completing the tasks necessary to accomplish important goals and objectives. These summary scores allow for an easy, “at a glance” comparison among job candidates. To make these comparisons even easier, stay tuned for the upcoming release of the LSP-R GroupView, which provides a quick overview of summary scores and more detailed competency scores for multiple candidates in one convenient table.

In addition to summary scores, the Leadership Skills Profile-Revised Selection Report also provides a detailed analysis of each candidate that describes how the individual’s personality is likely to impact their performance on each of the 50 leadership competencies. With this feature, the LSP-R Selection Report gives you a broader coverage of performance than you are likely to find with other tools.

Alignment With Other Assessments

One powerful advantage of the LSP-R Selection Report is its alignment with our LSP-R Focus Report and SIGMARadius 360 degree feedback system. This complementary leadership suite offers a powerful solution for those looking to select leaders based on their expected performance on critical competencies, and then support their continued development in these same areas. To get the most from the LSP-R by integrating your selection assessments with your development efforts, ask us about our upgrading options.


Are you interested in assessing only those competencies that are critical for success in your organization or for a specific leadership role? SIGMA offers a benchmarking feature, which allows you to customize the competencies that are included in the LSP-R Selection Report. Contact our consultants if you would like to create a custom benchmark for your organization or your team.

Ready to Get Started?

Research shows that adding a scientifically-validated personality assessment to your selection process can improve the prediction of job performance. Contact us to learn more about how the LSP-R Selection can help you identify candidates that are likely to be successful within your company.

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If you’re not sure where to start, contact Glen Harrison. Glen knows SIGMA’s material inside and out, and can tell you first-hand stories of the work we’ve done with our clients. If you are interested in learning more about SIGMA’s assessments, email Glen or give him a call! He’d love to chat with you.

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