Our Succession Planning template, which is available in this free download, will walk you through what is required at each stage of the succession process along with some helpful tips to get you started.

Inside, you’ll find functional templates and tools to help you along every stage of your Succession Planning Process including:

Measuring the maturity of your current process

succession planning template checklist
Succession Planning Checklist

Determining where to focus limited resources

succession planning template role questionnaire
Critical Role Identification Questionnaire

Defining requirements for success in each role

Success Profile

Identifying succession candidates

Succession Nomination Survey

Building and measuring your talent bench

Succession Bench

Documenting development needs, tracking progress and identifying development opportunities

Development Plan

Measuring and communicating success using the succession planning template scorecard

Talent Progress Scorecard

Need Help Getting Started?

SIGMA’s Succession Planning Launch Series offers a simple and cost-effective way to build a robust Succession Planning process and ensure your organization’s leadership is positioned for success and prepared for the unknown.

Contact us to learn how our Succession Planning Launch Series delivers a CUSTOM SUCCESSION PLAN in 30 DAYS while requiring less than 8 hours (2 half-day sessions) from your leadership team.